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Who is Mark LeRoy?
That's me! I am a Ryerson student with a passion for computers, electronics, and theatre. Since a young age I've been extrememly interested in how things work, which led me to my interest in electronics and computers. Later on, once I got into highschool, I was fortunate enough to get important part in the technical area of my school show, which is where my my love for the theatre began. Since then I've learned a lot about theatre and it has really influced my life. That single highschool class took me from someone who never went to a theatre to entering Ryerson University for Performance: Production. My top theatre interests are in lighting design, installation, and operation, and throughout my short theatre "career" I have already been fortaunate enough to get to work with a wide variety of equiment. I look forward to my future at Ryerson to build this experience even further. While my passion for theatre has set my official carrer (at least for now) my love for electronics also continues, as I often have projects on the go whether its building a computer or soldering some custom cirutry.

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